Monday, October 18, 2010

Ride Back My Way

Waves of silence break and I hear the school bell ring
Up in the air flies my heart on the old yellow swing
Down the slide I run again behind the dandelion wisp
Hands I wish some for a clap with rhymes silly to lisp

Wheels two to take me along and show that every road
The sky that was my roof and the earth my only abode
Friends whom I left to catch in all the hide and seek
Happiness long ago that did stay seven days a week

Every thing that met the eyes turned a bat or a ball
Bruises of pride that always followed a fight or fall
Games always meant more than to please or play
Wish these perfect little gifts ride back my way


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A Restless Mind With A Sensitive Heart! said...

lovely childhood memories.... sweet poetry!

all the best!


Shail said...

very sweet !!

Chapters From My Life said...

I appreciate this very much.. very well written. Good luck

Raksha Bhat said...

@Restless: Hey thank you!

@Shail: Thanks:)

@Farila:Thank you for liking!

Bikramjit Singh Mann said...

hey a nice poem and it says it all the pride bruises and all .. all part of game :)

all the best


Shwetha Kiran said...

life of a lad, ou memoir of a grown-up!! nostalgic moments caught in simple words.. nice one raksha..

Raksha Bhat said...

@Bikram: Thank you:)

@Shwetha:Hello hegidiye hudugi?Thumba dina aythu!Thanks for liking:)