Friday, July 1, 2011

From Your Heart

Lights of love,where do they wish to glow
From your heart to mine or I thought so
Tides of love,where do they wish to flow
From your heart to mine or I thought so
Winds of love,where do they wish to go
From your heart to mine or I thought so
Bonds of love,where do you wish to throw
From your heart to nether I now think so.



Sameera said...

Beautiful. :]

Loved the last two lines that best.

Sameera said...


Bikram said...

Ohhh I hate when this happens .. love fades and hearts break ..

lovely poem ..


Someone is Special said...

beautifully expressed but I never wish heart breaks to any person in this world.. Hmm..

Someone is Special

Rajesh said...

Aha! Some springtime muse in monsoon showers :)

Raksha Bhat said...

@Sam,Bikram,SIS & Rajesh: Thanks for liking depite the unpleasant subject:)Shows your love for words,I shall cherish this appreciation:)

Girl with a silver pen said...

I love the simplicity of words, the depth of thoughts and the twist of emotions in this poem....lovely!

Hyde Park Poetry Palace said...

this is so beautiful.
love it.

welcome share with poets rally todAY.

Raghavendra Mutt said...

Hey tht was un-expected from u.. but lovely one.. if it happened to u, then sorry..

Raksha Bhat said...

@Girl with a silver pen: You got that right:)Thank you:)

@PPPL: Thank you:)

@Raghu: I am too good to go through all this;)You can take back that sorry:)

Deboshree said...

That's really cute... love never ceases to rouse the poet in us. :D