Thursday, July 21, 2011

The Sm'ART' 'NO'

Random soul: Will you do this for me???
You,me,him or her: Err…hmm…okay….yes.

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If we have to make a choice between the two, many a times it is more difficult to choose the second one isn’t it? This does depend on the reason and the manner of request though,unless it is very impossible or impolite. Most of us have this problem,saying a ‘NO’ makes everything seem like hell.I am talking about those obligative souls amongst us who can sometimes let go their personal commitments and dreams at the cost of somebody else’s.Such people do exist and I am weirdly proud to say that I am one of this kind.The ‘YES’ just comes out of my mouth without any second thought. It is later that I wonder what made me say it!

But of late I am getting this feeling that I have had enough of being so, because today’s world for many reasons is hostile and thankless to all the little niceness that can exist.Ain’t any angel but I hope you get my point. I feel that each one of us is too busy to truly care or acknowledge what the other has to give. It is during such instances that I cannot help but think”Oh like it matters if I care!” which is not good but sometimes very necessary.

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 “Learn to say ‘no.’ It will be of more use to you than to be able to read Latin”
-Charles H Spurgeon-

Saying ‘NO’ in the right place for the right person at the right time is an art is what my mother tells me, and I desperately need to master it. The difficult task is to draw the line between what we call parasitism and symbiosis[I have been reading a lot of microbes these days, germs and pests I tell you!].It is easier to follow the former. But tell me is it right being the bird all the time, how many of us do not mind being the worm occasionally? Or does life work like how this song goes ‘meant to be’.I love this one for its subtle sense.Listen,enjoy and let me know if you were the bird or the worm today;-)

Its a rainy night here,a good night to you over there:-)



Sameera said...

Love the post and the song.

"If my segments get segregated - I'll scream" :O

Love it!! I guess I am a worm today! :P

Bikram said...

very true I have learnt my lessons a few times now , got my hand burnt by being polite and saying YEs..

NO is the new mantra of having a stressless and happy life ..

cud not hearthe song at work will do so when i reach home and reply :)


dr.antony said...

A timely "No" will save us lot of troubles. We are often hesitant to say this and get in to all sorts of unwanted problems.I had written a post on this some time back.

Deboshree said...

Very well said Raksha. A well placed No is very important at several junctures in life.

Beyond Horizon said...

Smart write up!

Once my teacher had allotted me a task, but before that he asked me whether I would do it or not...Without a second thought I had rejected it...and there was a bit giggling from whole class...But then my teacher told the class...Sometimes its better to say "No" and how important is to learn to say "No"

and as f a bird or worm? I would be sometimes a bird and other a worm ;)

Raksha Bhat said...

@Sam: Hope u get to be a bird too:)

@Bikram: Experience matters indeed:)

@dr.antony: You are right..just that the 'timely' sense does not work:)

@Deboshree: Ya:)several is the tough part;)

@BH: Guess you must be a pro at saying NO by now:)Teach me Poo,teach me!:)

Beyond Horizon said...

Absolutely No not...its too difficult....very rarely I can say NO to someone

Raksha Bhat said...

@Poo: me!

Shaan said...

Sometime saying No is really important. ...You cant make everyone happy. So, better to speak your mind