Monday, March 12, 2012

For A Change

Mad torrents of the river sweep off my every root
While I make some silent prayer for my every fruit
Mad winds of the sky shame my branches to nude
While I wish for a change, I suffer to live this feud
I stand still for one fine day they shall calm down
And I shall dance like a princess in a green gown
Sigh! What if I can spring and sprint like them too
Only to see and sense the world in its colours true
I then ask them “Does blithe of life forever flow?”
But they say “Oh pretty, like we know, so we go”
How strangely relative are our dreams and quests
The ones who wait make the change gain the bests
I so shall seep the waters and blow with the breeze
For living is worth if every change is under our seize

Nothing better than nature to teach what and how a change should be like and yet everything stay suave and subtle. If there is anything wanting change, it is the way we look at and live life. I wish we had the power to do that, I wish we were but natural, in accepting challenges, in living more than for ourselves, in believing faith, in working for the good and in loving this world :-)




s said...

nice one Raksha.

sush said...

nice one raksha

Raksha Bhat said...

Thank you:)