Sunday, March 4, 2012

Time for Life

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Summer is arriving and it is best felt in the dawn. The coldness is not cold anymore and today was a fairly warm day. It was one of those days when I do not plan anything in particular but spend it doing things I like doing the most. I jogged for almost two hours today in the wee hours of morning even before the sun decided to wake up, the morning walk and jog people in the neighbourhood park who are no more strangers to me could not stop themselves from being inquisitive about that extra hour that I put in. A very concerned uncle asked me "Why are you tiring yourself Doctor?"and all I did was smile and say "Because its a Sunday". I am pretty sure that he walked two extra rounds in the park after that.

Sometimes, well most of the times we blame the lack of time for not being able to do things what we like. And how wrong we are! Nobody and nothing can take away our time without we having a say. Often we let go off our likings, hobbies, habits, ideas, thoughts, wishes and dreams in the process of passing the day and accepting come what may. And all that happens meanwhile is we just grow old, from the twenties to the forties.Of course there are some 'snuggle under the quilt' moments, think about this friends, if living was all about this where is the time for life?

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dr.antony said...

Two hours of jogging !You make me jealous!
I used to go regularly for a walk without fail for almost ten years.Recently getting lazy and find reasons to sit in the comforts of home. There is nothing which can beat a walk in the morning, when the air is fresh and fragrant.

Raksha Bhat said...

@dr.antony: One of those days when it gives me a high;)