Friday, April 20, 2012

Curiosity Creeps

We doctors have curious eyes for anything that is odd or new, it kind of runs in the profession and helps us survive as one. And this was on a microbiological culture plate in the laboratory where I work. The first thing which occured to me when I opened it was "Someone needs a smile" :-)

For those who are unaware let me tell you, processing in the laboratory is a tedious task. It takes a lot skill, more of knowledge and even more of team work for a laboratory to run. A good report in your hand is a result of all that. It is serious business, in a way or the other all your treatment depends on that. Well we do have some regular doses of fun. Here is one that happened yesterday, this is what we had to report after we saw a gross greeting in the sample.We are curious to know where the arachnid came floating from! :-)


Curiosity does creep, and if you are wondering what that flat face is about. They are actually two fungal colonies grown on the plate, and the sample we processed was a corneal swab. After we identified the fungus I changed my thought to" Someone does need an eye!"

I told you, it is serious business. For all we know even the spider may tell us some story! :-)


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