Monday, April 9, 2012

A Tale Of One City

There is something special about the place that we belong to, in a way or the other it just runs in our veins. Look at or hear to someone, you know where he or she comes from. On fair occasions life does give us chances to look back at our roots. Fortunately I am getting to look at and live in it for three complete years. It has been close to a year in Mangalore and there are many things that I have come to know about this hometown of mine during this period, of which previously I was not very aware. There is more to this place, more than the world thinks.

The ‘Maraya’ Mockery

Mangalore Kannada has always been an object of fun. Speaking in it is not just about adding ‘maraya’ after every word that is uttered, it requires some good hold over the language. Nowhere in the state of Karnataka, the language Kannada is spoken in the purest form of its grammar and vocabulary. Here in this place what is written is what is spoken. I am happy I can do that :-)

The Fifth Tree, the Fifth Building

In Mangalore every fifth tree is a coconut tree, quite but obvious and every fifth building is a doctor’s clinic. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that this is one place in this world probably where there are doctors as many as patients! Mangaloreans care ;-)

A Not So Fishy Food

Food here is not just about fish, although most people survive on it. Mangalore cuisine includes some of the best vegetarian recipes. Start from the roadside Churmuri, Golibajje, Biscuit Rotti, Buns, Patrode, Menaskai, Tambali, Koddelu, Majige huli, Rasayana, Holige - the list is endless and leaves you drooling. So the next time you meet a Mangalorean, please do not think something fishy ;-)

I Scream You Scream, We All Scream- Ice Cream

Give us no  rice, give us no fish, give us no chicken, but please give us Mangaloreans some Gadbad, our staple food. This is a must have if you drop in here, take my word you will never regret eating devouring it :-)

Umbrellas Are THE Amigos

Come summer, come rain an umbrella is something which you cannot do without when you are on the roads. You may forget your wallet, you may forget picking up your friend but never forget carrying an umbrella, never! If you do, well you shall pay the price!

 MRP - Mangalore Rigid Price

Bargaining is a heinous offence. 250.50 Rs does mean ‘Two hundred and fifty rupees and fifty paisa ONLY’ Bargain and let the shopkeeper, even the rest of the customers around you know that you are not a Mangalorean. In fact it is better to be called a thief :-p
Road Rockets

“Ponk ponk pon” hear this and you know you are in the lanes of Mangalore. Here buses run like rockets. Traveling in them in and around the city is a weird pleasure by itself.

Sunday ‘Is’ A Holiday

It is a funny thing, when the rest of the world prefers going out on Sundays here in Mangalore this day is truly meant for some rest. Most of the shops are closed, most of the roads are deserted. And these days all life and movement happens in the malls. A changing trend, courtesy urbanization of course. Mangaloreans have bowed down to this as well!

People All Beautiful

There is a certain panache in all Mangaloreans, simple yet flamboyant. No offence to anyone, the ones you and me know are just one among those many stars in the skies of this city. It is hard not to like us, at the least you will notice us;-)

This I know does not end here. I could go on, but for now I have come to understand one definite thing:

‘You know you have lived in a city, when the city starts living in you’

What about you city lives in you, do let me know:-)
Love and peace.



indu chhibber said...

very interesting post it made Mangalore come alive in front of my eyes,thanx raksha.i am your new follower.

Dya said...

Nice writeup.
Liked the lines ‘You know you have lived in a city, when the city starts living in you’. We take what our city has to give us. Hating traffic, pollution, the sound these days. Bangalore is a lot different from Mangalore I guess. Anyhow I'd prefer to be Mangaloored! The way you've written makes me want to visit Mangalore again! :P

icyhighs said...

Thoroughly enjoyd reading this, esp. since Í'm in Kasaragod for a few days and intend to make a trip to Mangalore one of these days. Will hav to buy an umbrella first!

Aneesha Bhat said...

Nice Post :) Being born and brought up in South Canara, I was thinking that is how it is everywhere. 8 years ago, when I came to Bangalore, I could feel the differences you mentioned here..but I was thinking otherwise :) For me, Bangalore and its ways were different from usual then!

Saru Singhal said...

It's a city with lot of character. It was fun reading about it.

Dr Roshan R said...

i came here in 99, studied to be a doc here, would return every 6 months during my pg and spend atleast a day here.. and came back as asst professor as well to this place.. it just draws you in... such a wonderful city.. having the good qualities of most metros without any of the negatives.

Raksha Bhat said...

@indu: Thank you and welcome to the blog:)

@Dya: Do come:)

@icyhighs: those classy long ones;)

@Aneesha: I remember Anup telling me how you or one of your friends used to call him 'Pirki'..he had come and asked me what it meant;)

@Saru: You got that right:)Maybe thats what makes it special:)

@Dr Roshan: First of all welcome to the is wonderful to see a fellow doctor here in this blog world:)And as you rightly said Mlore just draws you in:)

sush said...

aaaaaaaah it was so refreshing reading about my hometown. felt like had ad rive through the town had falooda at pabbas and went home to bejai!.
Gr8 visiting your blog after long Raksha.