Wednesday, July 11, 2012

The Antonyms

"The more you write, the better you remember" so says the God, well of cricket. The other day I saw Sachin in one of those television commercials saying this to a school kid. So inspiring and true! And then is when I realized what a long break I have taken from writing, particularly blogging. Its more than a week now that the inconsiderate in me had a look at this place. It is not that I have forgotten about anything or the genuine lack of time for people and things that matter to me. I really am tied up. All what I am writing is my dissertation data and trust me I see tally lines everywhere these days!

Somehow I cannot explain this, I guess its a thing about all of us. We tend to take things and people who are always with us for granted. A little lack of attention feels okay, and as days pass by but naturally things do change. Most of the times we realize this after enough happens and we lose it. But when I think of this blog of mine, I cannot and will not imagine it on that line. And so I am back here, ranting whatever that is coming to my mind. I have a progress report on my dissertation tomorrow, cannot help but laugh. Ask why? Dissertation and progress are perfect antonyms I tell you. Such a process, argh! Pray please !

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