Wednesday, June 27, 2012

From The Shelf

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You don’t dissect a book, you read it. That’s what I thought until the last few months. What changed my belief is the mediocrity of choice that I have been making of late. I am the sort of reader who does not, rather cannot judge a book even after reaching the last word. Somehow even the not so readable stuff catches my eye, but it has been ages since I read a genuinely impressive one and hence this venting out here. I desperately am in need of something more satiable especially after having read five or six which did not really reach the mark. Recommendations therefore are welcome.

If you do not know what is bad you cannot appreciate what is good so they say, but on what criteria do you call a book ‘bad’. Simply because you do not connect to it? If that’s the case Mills and Boons or the Twilight series which never made it to my book shelf may fit this definition, and all those people in this world who favour mundane romanticism will have to shun me out then. Talking about  favourites, why do you call a book ‘good’? Just because you read it at a go? I could do that with many, and Harry Potter tops my list. But then there are people who consider it nothing but a goof up of fantasy, just lamely popular. An opinion which comes from their own right. It’s all pretty relative.

Books according to me are like people, they come in sorts and shades. There are books you do not mind reading and rereading all through your life for some strange reasons. There are books with stories someone used to read to you during bed time. There are books which are gifts, you read them for that emotional connection. There are books which are reflections of the life you live. There are books which are more than friends. There are books you like because everyone does, there are books you dislike because everyone does! And there are books which are just there, you do not know why and how they made it to the shelf! Something what I am currently going through :-)

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Leks said...

Just the way music goes :) You are right..dissection is unnecessary as much as judging is something that comes easy to every human..But there wasnt and I doubt if there ever will be a universal code for any of these! :) Was such an easy read..good I got back to reading blogs :D