Monday, June 11, 2012

Growing Up

Picture Courtesy

A tree asked me “Wondered what does it take to grow?”
A seed,a little rain and some sunlight is all what I know
With a baffle of smile he spoke his heart when I said so
To ask again “Heard of flood and famine,all that woe?”

I looked at the soil beneath my feet, a drop untouched
I looked at the sky for a cloud, scorched and clutched
When I found a poor bird on its branch tightly perched
She came flying, for a small nest is what she searched

With a love so unbound the tree then into its home grew
Over seasons of life, over all those rainstorms that blew
Only to teach to give a part of self is to spring up anew
But alas we men who can grow up like that are only few



Niveditha said...


sush said...

wow- that was so deep thoughts.

Aravind R Sankar said...

Amazing choice of simple words conveying deep heart touching meaning! I felt it!

Rupertt Wind said...

Such succinct way of teaching such lessons of Titanian values.

It is often such that that we learn life's greatest lesson form the simplest and most menial of things.