Sunday, June 10, 2012

Truth- From A Doctor's Angle

Enough said, enough more than done. Before our attention shifts to another hard hitting truth this Sunday this post of mine is here. It was long due. Being a doctor I could have obviously flared up after watching that episode on our health care system. But this was something which most of us Indian doctors already know but unfortunately do nothing about it.  Most of us in the medical fraternity are of the opinion that it was purely an one sided perspective, the research team did a disappointing homework and things like that. I disagree, let us not forget that when it comes to such issues emotions mask all practicality and rational thinking. Debates and discussions will continue as usual, until the fire dies down.

Aamir you said that you may be refused treatment here in India from now on, well I just want to let you know that you can visit me anytime;-) I am not writing a hate letter or suing you in the court. Blaming someone for creating a problem, that’s okay but blaming someone for bringing up an issue, now that’s utter hideousness. But there is more to the current situation, more that we all ought  to know about what went wrong in all the ‘India Shining’ we believe in or our leaders think they are up to. I could have hosted another show but for the Aamir that I am not, and this blog being mine I present my take on it here. There was no other way that I found better to explain it, sometimes talking isn’t really enough.


                           THE PATIENTS






The picture is larger than it is made, larger than it appears. Before we talk about the system, let us not forget that we are the ones who make it. Doctors are facing this and living with this as much as patients, sometimes even more. There is a long way that needs to be set right before we go. Good doctors will prevail in this country as much as truth only then. And this one is just from a doctor's angle :-)



Sashmi Manandhar said...

Hmmmm...I haven't watched the particular episode...But, well, I think there is always two sides to the story...This I am saying because I am a doctor and I know what goes on or doesn't go on behind the scene...I still feels doctors are humans...and they should be treated like humans... :)

Uma said...

Picture is worth a thousand words.Doctors are No God yet try to be a life saver but in most hospitals before doing any important surgery they check the financial status of the patient than the body status (of whether an operation will succeed or not ) .Now a days , even life has become a choice ( 50 -50 ).And Doctors who knew that an operation would not succeed still go on with the operation just for money-sake .Final outcome, Operation success but Patient Died [ by true experience ]

And still, if I get sick, I have no other place to go other than an Hospital and no person to rely other than the Doctor .

Who should I complain here ?.The whole system of Money which rules us than we ruling the Money.

Root Cause - Politics , Business and Money - minded people

indu chhibber said...

It takes all kinds to compose any fraternity-medical field is no exception...when the whole world is obsessed with a high life ,the latest & bestest gizmos,all the trappings of having arrived ;then we should not expect doctors to be any different...ethics is seldom practiced,only talked about---in all spheres.