Sunday, December 30, 2012

Men Of The Country

If we are men of the country
On the ground, on our feet
Respecting the life
Of others as much as ours
Knowing the wrong
As much as the right
Safe in each other's arm
True in each other's eye
We would never be
Frail and feeble
Blaming the law
Mocking the leader
Letting our conscience sleep
Watching a wound cut so deep
And then wait for a chance
To tremble with the quake
To nail it to the wall
A picture not of that brave
But our heads down in shame
Knowing not the name
Walking with candles
Which last for more
More than our rage and grief
Therefore, only therefore
We come to fight
Together for a change
In a fear so obvious
For one fateful tomorrow
It could be you
It could be me
A slap is this one
Tight on our face
The one of morality
The one of justice
Which never shows itself
And hides behind our creed
Until someone is lost
To insanity, to cruelty
More than to death
What we are raped and ripped off
A very long long ago
Is what should dawn upon us
To change and deal
To care and feel
If we are men of the country


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