Monday, December 31, 2012

To Keep It All Straight

While Jeffrey Archer can cut a long story short, expect people especially the ladies, an eight out of ten to do that with their hair as well, heehaw! If you were to ask the experts in the field, the 'trichologists' for the type of hair people wish for- straight hair would top their list. Now that is not in everyone's hand, on the head to be exact. All this desire and discussion therefore. Rapunzel was fortunate enough.She was spared the heat of iron and the froth of chemicals that all the hair of today bears with. On the straighter side, let us think of her problem too.Once if you have it how do you maintain it that way tell me.Very tough! All you folks out there who have had it will agree what  circus you feel you are in. Some are just born with straight hair while some of us desperately do everything for it. Apart from the banana shakes,vinegar,press boxes and the road rollers you wish your hair was underneath let us look at the other straight things that may inspire :


Just in case if you find one in India, apart from the few in the big cities and you are able to travel in the traffic without your hair stand upright kudos, maybe you can afford to have all the time for getting that straight hair.Time is important firstly, give your hair that first.

The little master may have retired from the one dayers, but have you seen him play the straight drive? Right past the bowlers enough to make their hair stand up. It is all about Plan and Precision. Who better than him to teach that. Knowing whether the straight hair suits you, if it does are you ready to go through the ordeal without cursing yourself after you get it, that's an issue too.


I had read about the liquid luck Felix Felicis , a potion in the Harry Potter books, but sometimes the reality around amazes us more than the fantasies. What else can you expect out of someonw who has it in his name. Jump from a record altitude with the greatest free fall velocity twenty four miles towards earth like how Felix Baumgartner did, automatically your hair will stand straight up, well even the rest of the world's. All you need is More than Impulse.



I was not much into math anytime but never failed to learn all the good from it. A straight line is made up of infinite points, so is our hair of molecules. And they say a hair cut does not pain, it does in a different way though. The Desire to have straight hair needs two important things for a complete equation. Your effort as much as your genetic fortune. The Inheritance of loss hair is an important factor.


Ironically in today's times these are people who women and men alike will fear of. Remember all straight things aren't good always. So if you cannot have straight hair There is nothing to lose, as long as we all are people with a straight conscience.

Okay, this is worse than having a hunch back. It is a matter of health where everything is almost wrong. Given the current scenario of our living it is easier to get this than the perfect straight hair. All you have to do is sit in the cubicle or your office room on the chair for hours together and then at the parlour for a few more. Just remember some things look worse when they are straight. Maybe the hair too. Accept it if something turns horrible after you try enough.

You can sit on the other side of the experts and Inquire all that you want like Karan Thapar does in his show Devil's advocate, because knowing what is it about your hair that makes it the way it is, is as necessary as getting the process right. Never get something done which would make you feel a bald head was better at the end of it all.


 No comments on someone who has been Straight enough.

Of Pisa sounds impossible. But yeah even that leaning and tall wonder of the world could be straightened to some extent. It took them a painstaking twenty years. You may not need so much for the hair, what you would need would be a good diet of proteins, minerals and vitamins to Cement its roots because that needs to be Bloody Strong, and a good hair stylist with Magic Hands to reconstruct its architecture, so that you can shine under the sun like silk :-)

When there is so much straightness around us in this world. If not people work for it for a reason or the other, in a way or the other isn't it wit and will on our part to learn from them? Straight is good, straight is clean, straight is neat but remember straight is not always everything.

PS: This post is a part of The Straight Hair Experiment by Sunsilk & Indiblogger,  You can read the other craziest, wackiest, wildest experimental ideas here

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Hi Raksha,

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Keep it up. Following you now. :)

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