Thursday, March 21, 2013

Easy Pleasy

If you were to ask me well an 'EGPG',thats the way the entire fraternity begins calling you right from the time you are almost entering the final year of your post graduation about the things that make you feel like one.Here is what I have come to realize:

  • They think you should know it all, you think do you know at all
  • You have the faintest idea of how days pass onto nights but you know that the doomsday is not any far away
  • You walk with an air of purpose,nobody knows what. And then there is that thing on your face, what they call seriousness. Hmmm...oh really?
  • People look up to you for help or look down on you to blame depending on their imperatives
  • Meanwhile you can work on a paper, boil milk on the stove, burn a toast, check your mail, read a book, talk with a friend - all at a time
  • You have lost the count of seminars, case presentations, journal discussions that you have battled through the course
  • Undergraduate classes, once extremely fun because you were on the other side for a change has now turned out to be repeat telecasts
  • The dissertation is wanting to meet a happy ending, but you wish you could just desert it
  • There are books waiting for you on your bookshelf, if only you read them with as much interest as you brought them home
  • You wish you were on an island, completely cut from the distraction(s)and you could just get the revelation you think you are destined to gain
  • Like everything this too shall pass...

Easy pleasy :-)


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