Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Laugh Lab

Things that keep us going in the lab:

Scene #1: 

Reporting  at 9am
Me: M’am the isolate from the sample is is E. coli, sensitive to all the first and second line antibiotics.
Professor: Oh then this is a well mannered E.coli, no worries.



Professor having her own doubts on the quality control of staining for acid fast bacilli for the day < loud and out >
“I think these AFBs are pale and anemic, we do not feed them with stains”



The chair springs up.
Professor to the male junior: Can you bring this down???
Male junior: < confused > I do not know how to do it  < takes the name of the female senior > she knows
Professor: You are a boy!
Female senior < rushes to the rescue >: Yes ma’m he is a boy, I am the man here!



A train of urine samples waiting to be processed. A silly one to a starving one pointing at a bottle: What does it look like? The latter grins, while the former winks and says ” No pineapple juice for you for life” 



Professor< loud and out >: I need a bottle of alcohol
Students look at each other  < getting ideas >
Professor: Well, I need it to wipe the lens of this dirty microscope.



Armed with a nailcutter to collect a nail clipping for fungal culture I approach this twenty something female patient , husband peeping from her shoulders.

Patient: Will that cause me pain?
Husband: Will that cause her pain?

< both in a grand unison >

Me< smiling more to myself >: I hope you have cut your nails before.



Professor showing darting motility of Vibrio cholerae under the microscope to two students
Professor: How is it moving?
Student#1: Sir up and down, up and down < one looks at the other >
Student#2: Sir it is going fast, taking a turn and coming back
Professor < flabbergasted >: What... it is driving a car or what?


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