Sunday, September 6, 2015

Books-Choices & Me

This year I am trying to be a voracious reader, a little diverse as well.I decided to stop all the English Vinglish and start something in Kannada last week. A lot of people had recommended me this book before. 

I am not yet done with the book but so far it has been a great read, usually people write reviews when they finish reading the book but I felt like talking about it today for a different reason. While I flip from page to page I am realizing how much I have missed reading Kannada all these years! Thankfully I can do more than just manage! We Indians are blessed with wonderful languages and we rarely do appreciate our own literature.It is enormously commendable, isn't it?  I have realized my fault, have you? Do share any must reads that you know of ,I will be happy to read :-)


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