Thursday, September 3, 2015

Perks Of Being A Non-Malalyali Medico!

 Pookalam - flowers everywhere!

Celebrating Onam definitely is one, on the other hand no matter how hard I try Malayalam will remain a language that is impossible to learn in this life. My 'endaveno' is more like' gindaveno'.  When two Keralites are in  deep conversation I stand looking at them wide-eyed and all ears, I try my best to understand and all I get is the speed, so commendable! Every word sounds like a palindrome from all directions.The real problem according to me is that lip reading never works here, all because the tongue is on a roll. Funnily this happens every other moment if one is working in a hospital for reasons known ;-)

 Enters Mahabali- apparently he is one of our ambulance drivers who was sporty enough to wear this royal costume, he has been doing this for the last 9 years!

What also happens during the festive season of Onam is the grand celebration by the staff nurses. We at Apollo Hospitals, Bengaluru celebrated Onam today. Our nursing director mentioned an interesting fact " If need be a Keralite may even sell his property to celebrate Onam!" she said. The crowd burst into peals of laughter on that. On a serious note what is admirable is the sense of commitment that they show to their rich heritage and culture even today,when you watch it your heart swells with joy and pride.

 Pulikali- tigers dance too !

This spirit is totally infectious; the flowers, the colours, the dance and the music can keep one blissful for weeks. I have never witnessed such elaborate preparations and attention to details during any festival ever. So many songs and dance forms, stories and decorations, Pulikali and Mahabali, boats and oars, sarees and dhotis, bananas and coconuts, flowers and lamps, Kaikotti Kali and Kathakali. The list is endless, and ofcourse who can forget the Onam Sadya, slurp!

Sorry I could not share this sumptous lunch :-( I am sharing a video of one of the dance forms-'Thiruvathirakali' which was performed today, such pose and grace, even that's a grand treat to watch :-)

Yo! Apollo family staff nurses! :-)