Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Indigo Dreams

A blithe of green lives in my heart with some desert blue
Aloof alone and away in glee to the boundless skies I flew

In a new world of light at times a brave darkness does seep
Words old and new that I own in a brood are left to keep

Colours of joy and gain are many to shade if comes grief
A little dew is what my earth needs to sprout that new leaf

For the strength of my spirit in the Lord and for goodness I pray
With the thundering winds then I make friends when they bolt my way

Tunes in a flight of cheer I wish to make with no keys or strings
For someone of my kind in a far paradise,ripples of smiles it brings

Blessings best is one gift for many a life that I carry with pride along
 I am me,I am the happy bunting,I am a tiny bird with a big song.

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