Thursday, September 23, 2010


'Never give up on something that you cannot go a day without thinking about'

Everything is possible is what I convince myself when I have to push my mind through an extra hour of study every night.There are times when I get completely out of the plot, a basic human tendency of procrastinating issues that matter the most.Some days I feel good when I read subjects that have always been my favorites but then I tend to overlook those weaker sections, the ones which I need to work on.Everything is important is what I try to convince myself again.It is difficult.

I am not a nerd.I say this unlike a bunch who know me quite well few days ago very contradictorily  mentioned,maybe because there is really nothing else that I reflect right now.I cannot prove this to anyone.I read because life demands and this is how it always will be.I am glad.Over and again it feels like a mad race but this is something which I will never give up,some other desires that I might as well bury.I spend hours with my books realizing how little I know and get to learn something new each day.

There are people, things and occasions that I have to let go for a while.I cannot keep pace and catch anything that is going around.It is amusing to see folks at home trying hard to obey the rules of silence that I prefer, then there are a few courageous ones who bear my swinging temperament.My only solace is that they know and wonderfully understand where this effort can take me.Sincere apologies to all the ones who matter.

There are things good and aplenty that I wish to and can do, alone and with the world.Places that I want to visit.Strangers that I want to know.In the coming springs maybe.For now, I am writing my story.



Anil said...

For all the efforts that you & ur folks putting in, sincerely wish u a grand success!

Raksha Bhat said...

@Anil:Thank you!Hope so!:)