Saturday, January 1, 2011

A Nouveau Page

Blank and fresh stares a leaf of paper another on the dawn table
 In restless waits with all the ink and feathers for blithe of a fable
If you cannot scribble, worry not and let those wishes for a float
Fold and cut a strip two from the sides to make your sailing boat
 Else give some wings, throw your plane with a blowing winds far
Let it soar to rule a kingdom of boundless skies like a falcon czar

Clueless still, then write a letter to a good friend scorned and lost
Stamp the bitterness, crumple or burn not your sheet at any cost
Or meet a stranger on a not so lonely highway and learn his song
 Like a note to remember pen down your tunes and yodel all along
Draw a secret map together, walk till a bruise shines on your knee
Hunt for your treasures dearest, like for honey dies a bustling bee

In this journey joyous, time shall fly and roads shall end so will life
Brave is a heart that crosses milestones a hundred against all strife
Sharpen the pencil of mind, cleanse the brush of every bloody deed
 Paint colors bright or add a line to your log, let the world rest read
In ribbons of selfless love wrap every beautiful dream you now live
Keep the pile safe to share for each year brings a new hope to give ! 


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eyeography said...

Happy New Year :)

Beyond Horizon said...

Hey Beautiful words...reflected every emotions
Happy New Year :)

Raksha Bhat said...

@Sumit: To you too:)

@Beyond Horizon: Thank you too Poonam:)

Anil said...

That little brain of yours works poetically too apart from thinking of cutting open the body! Some people(read 'me'! cant even rhyme 2 words!) Nice little this.

Have a great year ahead and wish you all success!


Raksha Bhat said...

@Anil: Thank you so much...hope to rhyme better:)

Chethan Chandrashekar said...


Gautam said...

Amazing words n thoughts