Monday, December 12, 2011

Fathers And Lessons

Life's unsolicited but logical lessons, most of them come from my father. And over a period of time I have realized that it gives him a immense fatherly satisfaction if I nod my head and say "Yes, Appa"  even if he is on the difficult side for whatever reasons. Call it concern, responsibility or plain possessiveness, he believes he thinks the best. Men in general are funny, fathers funnier and mine the funniest!

"Any man can be a father.It takes someone special to be a dad."



Bikram said...

SO true anyone can be a father but only a special person is a DAD , makes me nostalgic I use the same line to start a article on my DAD ..

and yes the reasoning is perfectly FINE I agree to it why the sun sets...


:-Dee said...

awwww.. nice post!!! I am a big fan of my dad too.. he has been my role model thru life! :)

Sh@s said...

Loved the quote :)

Raksha Bhat said...

@ALL: Thanks for stopping by:)