Friday, December 30, 2011

Tête-à-têtes In The Microbe World

"Ah !Proteus! Did a truck full of them pass by ? Living by the sea shores I tell you, comes with all this..." -a colleague remarks after a whiff of air brings the smell of fish. By the way Proteus are bacteria whose colonies on culture plates smell like those. Apparently a Sea- God in Greek mythology shares the name, interesting huh!

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* "Oh ain't buying it, its too Gram negative"- me on seeing a PINK dress in a store. And this is what Gram negative bacilli exactly look like:-)

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* " You either turn sensitive, or be not play safe in the intermediate zone" - my advice to a friend, while he deals a difficult issue. Only if life's problems were solved with something like the Kirby Bauer Method  we use to test for antibiotic sensitivity of microbes.

* "Eeeks ! Looks like the Lactobacillus have been overactive!"- me again, while eating curds. Yes, they are exactly the ones who turns milk into curds. We have overly friendly microbes as well;-)

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Last but not the least, the most satisfying of all...

" Keep the phone, let me go take a bath. I am back from the  field. Ticks you see, they have to be removed within twenty hours !"- a friend of mine from and of the forests bommerangs my words.

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Life like a microbiologist sees it, a life like the microbes make it :-)


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AnicA said...

very witty and very useful for those related with the subject, and third one was a lesson in itself, next time i get see the sensitivity plate i'll sure thing of this one ! good one ;)