Friday, February 24, 2012

The b'END'.

Picture Courtesy

He stands strained,staring down a wide new road
While he wonders what one long walk may unfold
The mad men with their wheels run past the wind
Bringing him a fear of getting beaten and skinned
He looks at the jungles around, his home, his pride
But finds nothing for the hunger that kills his stride
A deer here, or a hare there may bring some good
Luck is but hard, even for this czar for some food
Such are the days and so are the nights of the wild
Surprise it isn’t if the meek and the weak are riled
And he is not a coward by blood, nor any mellowed
With bitterness in heart, with a roar that bellowed
He steps in search for some solace in the next bend
A rover zips and in one blink his story meets the end.


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