Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The Valentine Within

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With all the blush and hoopla around this day, somewhere most of us forget to find love in one necessarily important place, ask where? You don't have to think much, stop a while and have a look within. What is that you really love about yourself, are you grateful and happy that you are so, ever gave this a thought?:-)

I am not talking about the selfish or the self centered kind of love, which most of us own more than necessary. Think of your strength, weakness, feelings, likings, desires and dreams. What amongst them drives you to live and pushes you to find love around you? If you aren't finding anything, I guess its time to. Its never too late. Let me know what about you drives you crazy ;-)

There is more to celebrating this kind of love today or tomorrow or any day for that matter. When you love yourself, truly madly and deeply, life becomes more special because the love within is meant to stay. While you wish your near and dear ones today, pray that you love yourself more and more so that they and the others love you more and more ;-) 

Wishing a love filled day to you all:-)

"Our first and last love is...self love"

-Christian Nevell-


Aabha Vatsa said...

Couldnt agree more!

Happy Valentine's Day Raksha:)

AA said...

Will look weird if i stood in front of the mirror and said i love you! ;-)

Raksha Bhat said...

@Aabha: To you too:)

@AA: Now is that a hard proposal to accept?;-)Needs guts right?

Unknown said...

Very true.

I love. I love.

People will say, I am a narcissist. :D

Raksha Bhat said...

@Kumar Bibek: :)