Saturday, February 25, 2012

A Left Out Story

A disclaimer before we begin, this is no tale of grief but just a left hander's perspective based on a naïve assumption that my fellows are of a similar opinion. The trouble with being a left hander is that there is too much trouble left here and there, every now and then. One can't really blame the right ways of the world, but I have to remind you the weirdness with which we are looked at more than often.

When the talk is about creative skills most of us are considered exceptionally gifted, provided the right half of our brain decides to contribute to it. I till date have not completely understood the association. It is hard to be unamused when we hear “Oh you are a leftie!” and to be stared at as though someone picked us from the museum and dropped us in the middle of a busy street. I get to hear this every alternate day. And on numerous occasions while writing I have been asked to demonstrate the power of my right handedness as well. My right hand though is slow for quite obvious reasons, thank Almighty it never lets me down.

Coming to the matter of concern, if anyone cares to bother about what is so significantly bothering the left handers or the left outs, whatever one may like to call us there are certain things they better know. The handshakes, the shirt buttons, the door handles, the scissors, the writing desks or things not so us are not our major quirks. There are many issues else on the left which need to be considered right in all sense.

Our world is no turvytopsy, it is just that we look at it from a different angle, sane nevertheless. We are not bestowed with left handedness to garner attention, and yes most of us are so by birth. We did not decide to turn into one on a fine sunny morning. The left hand to us is as pious, as fair and as neat as the right. For all the world knows, we can use our right hand much better than how most of the right handers use their left. Legend has it that most of the left handers turn into stars and celebrities, lets not forget that it takes a lot along with left handedness to be a Da Vinci, a Einstein, a Gandhi, a Chaplin, a Obama, a Cruise, a Pitt, a Jolie, a Bachan or a Sachin and fortunately most of us own that too. The list will never stop. We lefthanders are humans, well let’s agree that who are gifted in a way or the other. So says a proud lefty and signs off ;-)

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Obsessivemom said...

Hey there Raksha. Dropped by after a long time. Loved the post. My son's a leftie and sometimes I worry whether we did the right thing in not pushing him to turn a 'rightie'. Thanks for the reassurance.

subtlescribbler said... r doing? came back to ur blog after a long time and bingo! m a left hander too :D
and yeah v r gifted!


Pramod Sudarshan said...

i bet lefties can draw diagrams better..:)

Raksha Bhat said...

@Obsessivemom: You are welcome, so he is my fellow buddy leftie:)

@subtlescribbler: And you too:)Hey am fine..its been long!

@Pammy: I know that you know;)