Tuesday, June 1, 2010

ReWinD RuN

I oddly remember a day during my lower kindergarten,away from home [means away from Amma:)].Appa left me in a strange place,an alien planet to be precise,there was this teacher whose mischief monger son I shall never forget;she used to get him to the school and leave him wandering amidst his victims in the class.He finished our lunch boxes,scribbled on our books,pulled hair and troubles more.And I belonged to the elite category of his hostages always,it was the third day of school I guess,he came near my bag and pulled out my water bottle, poured all the water on my book right under my nose;laughing like a baby hyena he pulled my cheeks and left me red in anger,and the next day….

I was in a different school!Thanks to the tantrum I threw at home that evening and refused to go to the land of the hooligan again,and fortunately Appa  understood his daughter's plight owing to his umpteen transfers!After that there was never a day when I disliked going to school.Me was always a happy girl.Wherever I have landed year after year from kindergarten to high school,all the places are for those fond memories of life.

‘June 1st’, a day other than our birthday when each one of us looked sparkling tidy and clean,thanks to this list-new school bag,new pencil box,new books,new class,new uniform,new shoes and well… old friends!!!
After those long summer holidays, a lot of us did frown and detest and so wished ‘Ah!God please let the fun stay around ’!Our prayers were heard every time,for we were given a place like home away from home,where we flew like birds in the boundless sky,where we learnt happiness doubles when we share,where we were made what we have become now.

A for Apple…B for…
Baa Baa Black sheep…

Simple and easy they seem now but that was what our world was all about.Today we are sophisticated and smart and sadly life’s little pleasures are all spent!

Morning Assembly prayers,the National Anthem,the favorite teacher[first crush;)],the Miiissss and Maaaams,and the Saars,broken pencils,dirty erasers,ruled note books,first ink pen,ice creams and chocolates,PT periods,monthly tests,van uncles,book cricket and more cricket,height 6.10 weight 230 kg clash!!!Gang wars,lunch boxes,ribbons and ties,fake tummy aches, math tables,homework,cycle rides,India maps,public exams,punishments…oldest friends,life and more…nostalgia is all that remains with us.

All in the race,and we know not where we are going.Sometimes it is good to stop and turn around and look at those moments which never fail to make us smile!

So I wish....


PS: Post featured in Bangalore Mirror 14th June 2010


Pramod P T said...

good one!

Bhavana said...

hey brought back old memories :) :) thnx
but u forgot to mention the copying in exams ;) :D i know u never used to do but then that was an interal part of student life!! :) passing chits, writing on erasers, sign language etc etc :D it was fun.
also the talk v used to have after school standing near the gate or near the side road ..calling up after school to ask if there was any homework (i never used to write in the diary!!) passing comments while the teacher was teaching, competing who'd raise the hand to answer when the teacher posed a question, finishing fast and screaming out "finished ma'am" :D :D
Gosh! good old days :)

Raksha Bhat said...

@Pramod: took me a while to figure out,then finally got it,first of all congrats!Welcome here,glad you liked it!Cheers:)

@Bhav: Thank you,its very very nostalgic:(I wish I had a time turner:P!!!

kutty said...

I used to hate those 'toppers' (Rank 1 to 10) who used to have a pride on their face as if they just won an election. ;) We used to say BEJAAAAN KOBBU MAGAA AVRIGELLAA ! Maathadodhe beda avr jothe
Those Lunch Box fights,
New Stuff Jealousy (Box/Bag/Shoe/Pen/Rubber/Sometimes even B'Day Celebrations),
The excitement just before the bell goes off for the PT Class & the disappointment after we are back in class,
Those inspiring Gallant Tales of Lies being commanded by a few and the popped out eyes of the rest who are eagerly listening with mouth wide open.

its all in black and white. May be we will see it in our children.(Idhu Onswalpa Over Aythu antha Kanuthe);)

Rohith Ranjan

Raksha Bhat said...

Rohit!!!I still remember how we christened each other apple and tomato:P...haha...:)

kutty said...

arghhh....i used to hate that ! :)

Raksha Bhat said...

You too!

kutty said...