Friday, June 25, 2010

An Apple Bite,for all Adams & Eves...

The other day thinking of all the ladies in his life an intellectual man [M1] buzzed…


This is all what he had to say! A debate sparked and this is what his world of friends had to say…

F1- Men "opposite"

M1- Strange deposits!

F1 - Some time fixed, recurring, saving deposits:-P, some time damaged deposit!

M2 - And some time non refundable deposit :)

M1 -Interest rate inversely proportional over time???

M3 - Interest rate depends on the deposit scheme.

M2 - For keeping the deposit account have to pay heavy interest.

M4 -They are life time fixed deposits, may be others can give/create better interest but you can’t afford them.

M1 - Any ideas about account closing and withdrawal options so that I can open new account???

M2- Short Term Deposit - You have short time so till then enjoy.
         Long Term Deposit - You have to wait till you relocate from your college / house / city.
         Life Term Deposit - You have no option till death.
         Deposit with High Rate of Interest - You have to keep loosing your money and others will enjoy the beauty.
         If any deposit schemes left out please let me know :)

M1 - Ha Ha, nice advice from the financial expert! What about opening 2 accounts?

M3- Conditions apply. And investment at own risk :-) [Quite true!]

M2 - Need to provide your mobile number like PAN number.Risk is you may get caught for not paying your TAX properly :)

M3 - Experience speaks ;-)

M2 - You will also....wait… [Looks like this guy really has some!]

M5- Looking at this chain, I can’t help but say "Men are behind men!"

M1-What if the account is transferred without knowledge??? Where to lodge complaint??? Where to seek justice??!!!! [And this guy needs some!]

M2- Since you have opted for SHORT TERM DEPOSIT without reading the RED HERRING PROSPECTUS of the Bank, you have no rights to claim back the transferred account. It is treated like "Forfeited shares" when you don't pay the right amount of interest towards the DEPOSIT Account, your account gets AUTOMATICALLY transferred to the PARTY who is ready to pay more INTEREST on the DEPOSIT ACCOUNT..... :)

M3- : D

M1- I wanted a 'current' account but her Dad has put "hedge fund" near the house:(

M6-  Well then,next bank down the too many nowadays!

The debate continues...
If you notice F1 has preferred silence throughout the discussion, who said women do all the talking!;)

* The people in and the above essential debate are not any fiction.
**Copyright of the debate solely rests with M1.
***For information on any deposit schemes contact this blog owner who can deal the matter with the concerned authority and his men for advice.
****Dear M1, no security of deposit or hike in interest until you are sure of where and till when you want your investment! : P

In the Garden of Eden when Adam was ‘alone’ sitting on the log in the middle of the garden drawing little circles in the sand with his toe, God thought “Ah, poor boy,what a sad life!” and sent a suitable helper for him, the lady, Eve. But wait a minute, did he ask her whether she wanted to go there and help him at the first place? Well she was told to go and so did she, happily she did her job.The rules of nature and the world have made women take care of their men, children and everything at home.I believe it is a feminine compulsion which every woman rightfully enjoys doing.Sometimes the ladies do complain,frankly not anyone’s fault. Times have changed and so have the women, and today nothing works according to the beautiful plan God had made.Selfishness, greed, lust, jealousy is all that fills this place.Out of the million problems all men have, something that tops their list as M1 mentioned in the above debate “Women, hmmm…”

The world has skeptical ideas about them,their wishes are way beyond the men’s capabilities to fulfill,and it is invariably tough to make the ladies of their life happy.But a fact that is forgotten is women live in the same world as the men do and see the same sun and night,they do prefer some reality though they are gifted with a power to fantasise, demand and fight for their rights;).You need not always have to buy the lady a beautiful dress or take her out in a limousine for dinner to the best of the restaurants in town to win her heart. Once a husband who fortunately remembered his wife’s birthday decorated every nook and corner of the house with all kinds of flowers on the night before and guess what she had to say in the morning when she woke up”Honey, Thank you soooo very much, they are beauuutiful but who is gonna clean this mess?”.

So what is that the women of the world really want???

Women are wonderful subjects of thesis and research [!!!].So much is written and talked about, a lifetime is not enough to understand them it is said.Vice versa applies for the men.We have people who counsel on relationship issues and help men/women realize what their women/men really want,who actually do a messy good job;).Bless am not doing it here;).But I made a small list after a lot of wishful thinking.It has some really common things of which a few may not be applicable to all,in matter of choices or in order of preferences each one of us is wonderfully different.Treat the lady as any other individual and give her what she needs as a mother,a wife,a sister,a daughter,a colleague,a stranger and a friend.Women are not complex neither are men;they are just born different for everyone’s good.

My free advice to all the Mr.Darcys and Johnny Depps of the world,ask yourselves “What do I want?What is that I can give her?” please do not give up till you find the answers, and when you do,the rest of the mysteries of life are solved automatically.

Here is the list for all the beings of earth, everyone is free to make some additions,deletions or change the order based on their wants and needs and as the situation demands.Choose and live for thyself.

  • Love, trust, respect, honesty, encouragement, some chivalry, some bad traits and some pampering.
  • Someone who listens to her heart, and a voice that is heard.
  • A home, good marriage, sex and children.
  • Good work, satisfaction and money.
  • Acceptance, acknowledgement and appreciation.
  • Independence, to fly like a free bird.
  • A chance to be herself.
  • A life to live.
  • And last but not the least,for all the women a desperate need of the hour-'BREAK'  
And for those who still prefer enjoying the enigma and if this list did not help, no worries.
Some questions of life are worth more than their answers.

Raksha Bhat


Priya said...

And last but not the least,for all the women a desperate need of the hour-'BREAK' - Loved this!

Wonderful post, this was!

Anonymous said...

that is very nice list!

you are right at all levels...

hugs and love


Rakesh Mallya said...

Nice read.

Raksha Bhat said...

@Priya: Thank you Priya:)

@Shraddha: Hello Shraddha:)Glad you liked it...Thank you:)

@Rakesh: Thank you Rakesh for liking it and joining the blog,hope you have many such nice reads here:)Welcome:)

Pooja said...

wonderful post, the title brought me here and it was worth it!

Monk Avant Garde said...

this is undoubtedly the most fabulous post by far
* I am on a mission to read all the entries and yours is way better than mine * :P :( :D

you have got all the elements to near perfection on this post the comic and analogous buildup the meaningful body
and an unopinionated conclusion
Hats off ( though i don't wear any hat)

Raksha Bhat said...

@Pooja: Welcome:)Thank you for liking it Pooja:)Cheers!

@Soulblogger: Thank you for reading and liking it,hope you succeed in your mission!All the posts are of some help and have given varied opinions,it is left for the readers to take,to each his own:).Like a box of chocolates,you gotta pick your favorite flavour,each tastes yummm...but you gotta eat just one;)


Anup B Prakash said...

I like M1............

Raksha Bhat said...

@M1: I like him too Anup;)