Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Tr(Pl)easure Hunt

One noble confession of mine; I sometimes enjoy a little of mysophobia.Call it my desire to see everything sparkling clean or a very rational fear of dirty germs, courtesy microbiology and all the n subjects I study.Even more so, an inherent tendency to catch cold in a snap and go “Achoo” after sniffing a teeny weeny amount of dust.Funny me!

It has been more than a week now that I cleaned my room,AXN time today.Mom was mighty impressed with the idea since she could not bear the sight of papers, pens, markers, pencils, notepads, paperclips, books, books and more books piled up everywhere.[I Am a stationery freak as well!]

Armed with a broom, a bucket of water, a scrub and a spray solution which Mom gave and said it can makes floors and surfaces flawlessly tidy,I entered the Canary Island.It took me an hour to clean the messed up book shelf and get all the Harrisons,Robbins,and the rest of the huge ones straight in the rack.Next was the table where am supposed to sit and read,half the time am studying in the balcony with the sparrows or at the dining table,where I get into those Mother-Daughter conversations and fights with Mom and watch television occasionally often.Quite a concentrated diluted studying,which sometimes works for me.The more the noise the better!The cupboard is usually neat,had a few clothes to pull out and give it to a girl of ten now,a difficult emotional feeling to let your favourite birthday frock go away.Sob.But everything is better when it is put to use,so I gave it to the watchman’s daughter,am happy:)!

Mom came and peeped to see my kharab halath and gave her famous dialogue”I think you need help”.I grinned and shooed her away.She knows when to turn her back and leave me alone when I actually want to be left so, she knows… me was, is and will be a difficult child.

Among all the wanteds and not wanteds I found this little bag in a drawer,opened it and voila …guess what I found…chocolate wrappers,cookie covers, bus tickets,tissue papers,coins,Calvin’s poem,quotes and sketch;),School ID cards,stamps,bills,sea shells,photos,badges,key chains and what not…my priceless junks!I felt like a proud pirate.Giggles burst seeing the things we guys come up with and more so seeing the things I keep,crazy stuff!And those who can guess what all I own in this bag will know how happy it made me feel, the task and my loot!

“Not all treasure is silver and gold, mate”


PS: No Canary Philosophy is complete,will be flying back with more:P

Au revoir...

Buddy smiles and faces,
Candy cakes and braces,
Funny times and places,
All in one life’s rides and races.

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