Saturday, January 15, 2011

Open Sesame!

"Sankranti habbada shubhashyagalu...ellu bella thinni...olle mathadi":-)

Hither thither hopping away beyond the far & dark cloud
A star of stars this fine day finds himself in another home
Melting this winter's cold with his light so gleaming proud
Like cubes of saccharine bring the fest a tempting chrome

So boil on your firewood a porridge from the newest rice 
Treat thyself with sugarcane long & ripe waiting for peel
Treasure for years to last a harvest of words true & nice
Hold the string tight,soar your kite high for the flying feel

Welcome the world with mango leaves tied at your door
Share with your friends and foes some jaGgery & sesame
Holy cow!it is time to worship so ask for good hearts more
Pray no spite or evil stays for long around on us to blame

For there is enough power and joy in a living to celebrate 
Every new dawn can bring along a blithe filled festive day
When there is more room for a love to give, no air to hate
Life shall live and breathe with us very close not any away

Festivals cannot be celebrated with the same pomp and joy anymore,here in this country the price we pay for even daily living is rocket high.But our kite of life and hope shall fly,because we Indians never say die:-P.Cheers to the spirit of the land that celebrates the most number of festivals in this world.A lot of strokes and colors have gone into the above picture from my left hand[me a leftie;-)],this one is especially for the one reading this post,wishes to you and your family this Sankranti:)

Good day!


Rajesh said...

A-C-D, Happy Sankranti to you too. Very thoughtful of your to remember the poor for whom the festival of harvest would mean little. God Bless.

Niveditha said...

Wonderful artwork!

Anonymous said...

Yes these are the reasons why Indians are still prosperous and happy even after so many troubles,
Culture and festival. They are keeping us alive. They have many economists aspects also.
Thanks for beautiful article

Raksha Bhat said...

@Rajesh: Wishes to you too:)

@Niveditha: Thank you:)

@phenomenalindia: Thank you and welcome to the blog:)

Bikram said...

yeah culture and festivals are the few things that have this pull that make me wanna come and visit india every few months..