Monday, January 31, 2011

A Moment Called Life

A rainbow in between the black and white
For the colors bright

A twinkling star amongst the sun and moon
For the light in boon

A raindrop to bring close the earth and sky
For the thirst all dry

A smile that beams amid the pain and cheer
For the hope in fear

A heart that beats to keep all love and hate
For the troubling fate

A mind that can balance all good and bad
For the streets so mad

A spirit of the game beside its win and loss
For the goals to cross

A soul to back more than friends and foes
For the row with noes

A faith to thrive in the midst of fire and ice
For the dreams all nice

A gift finest we live with all ease and strife
Is a moment called LIFE!


This poem is written as a part of Close Up Fire-Freeze Contest at Indiblogger and dedicated to everyone living a moment called life and settling all its fire and ice in evens:-)Do promote the post if it made you smile:-)
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Keep Smiling!


Purba said...

These are but life's lessons. We stumble, we hurt, we learn and unlearn.

D2 said...

Life is a roller coaster ride full of emotional barricades and path breakers.

Do check out my post for the contest as well.
Mixed Up

Bikram said...

life is funny

as the famouse song kabhi yeh rulaye kabhi yeh hasaye
zindagi kaisi hai paheli :)

all the best

R-A-J said...

Some very nice emotions well picked up and well written, Ms Bhat. All the best :)

Here's my story:

Gyanban said...

Hi first time here, and I must say I liked your poem for it s simplicity of thought and complexity of its message. Good one.


Sourav said...

Simple words are so highly expressive! Loved the message it conveyed :)

Poorvi said...

I like it :)

Ritz.. said...

Very Well Written ... beautiful... :))

All the very best ..... read mine and vote for it if you like ...


Link Static said...


Raksha Bhat said...

@Purba: Yes indeed thats the way we learn,if not for the wrong how do we appreciate the right:)

@D2:Rightly said:)

@Bikramjit:The song and the movie are one of my favorites:)

@R-A-J: Thank you Raj:)Welcome to the blog:)

@Sourav: Glad to have you here!:)Thanks for liking:)

@Poorvi: Thank you for liking Poorvi:)

@Ritz: Thank you Ritz!

@Nithin: Thank you Nithin:)Welcome to the blog:)

kavya said...

awesome and apt resemblance of theme given taken out of life by you. all the best

Raksha Bhat said...

@kavya: Thank you for reading kavya:)

Anonymous said...

A mind that can balance all good and bad
For the streets so mad

One who drives knows...:)

Nicely done...

Rajendra Raikwar said...

very nice