Thursday, February 3, 2011

Safety Matters-First Aid

How many times have you found yourself running for cotton, gauze, plaster or bandage when someone around you had an injury?Are you well equipped to manage any untoward incident?This post will help you know the things you should know:-)

Bruises and cuts are a part of the game
Know what and how to do for the same!

We do not think of some things until we are in pain.A good first aid kit is one among them.Most of our homes lack basic first aid equipments and medications.No major planning can help an emergency but it is always good to have a small stock of basic life saving tools.A little knowledge about first aid along with these things when coupled with some presence of mind may minimize the injury and save somebody’s life.It is advisable to keep these bare minimum in a box and keep them within reach at home and at work.Also it is a good habit to carry one during travel.

Here is a list of things which are a must.
  • Sterile cotton, gauze rolls, adhesive tapes
  • Adhesive bandage
  • Spirit/Alcohol wipes
  • Antiseptic solution-Dettol/Savlon
  • Antibiotic/microbicidal ointment-Povidone-Iodine/Neosporin
  • Pain relief gel/spray
  • Glucose Powder
  • Gloves
  • Thermometer
  • Scissors
  • Tweezers
  • Medications*-Pain killers for pain relief,antipyretics for fever,antihistamine cream/tablet for insect bites,antacids,antiemetics for nausea/vomiting,antidiarrheal medication for loose stools and other necessary medications
  • Emergency phone numbers
*Consult your doctor for prescriptions

*****Recheck the contents of the first aid kit for refill, expiry dates on a regular basis.

Some ‘Must Knows’


First aid skills are easy, simple and always useful.It is always advisable to know them, you might get an opportunity to save a life.Talk to people who know/doctors/nurses/paramedics and learn them.And make sure you spread the knowledge.


The victim will be in enough fear as a result of the injury.Crowding around him/her does not help, it instead cuts the supply of air around him.If you think you can handle the situation assess the scene and the victim’s condition, plan your course of action and take the necessary steps accordingly.And all this should be done as fast and as methodically as possible.


Always take necessary precautions before stepping into the scene of accident.Consider the safety of the situation.Live electric cables, fires, corrosives, handlers of weapons may be around.Inform the authority if you think there is an impending danger.Do not put your life at risk, you may end up adding one more victim to the casualty.


Unless you know how to handle an injured or are trained to do so do not move the victim, the trauma is already sufficient for a disability or a life threatening risk.If you cannot help him do not cause harm either. 


Inform your family members and friends of your whereabouts.It is advisable to keep two or three contact numbers at the top of your contact list in you cell phones as
It will be of help for the people who are helping you to inform your kith and kin during the crisis scene.Also store the contact numbers of your family doctor and nearby hospitals.

Safety has no holiday,do remember this everyday.I have tried to make a brief list of  the most essentials,feel free to share anything that I have missed here.After all these are safety matters,they might help someone,maybe even you someday.

Good Day!




Rohit Dassani said...

Just watched '127 hours' and think all this is damn important!! :)

Jack said...

127 hours is an eye opener. Thanks for sharing.

Raksha Bhat said...

@Rohit Dassani: Haha is it?...looks like my post just added to some realization:)I haven't watched the movie yet!:)

@Jack:I think I should watch the movie now!Everyone is talking about it!And you are welcome,hope you found this useful:)

Raksha Bhat said...

And I realized this today...this was my 100th post!:)


Bikram said...

good list thank god for my work we are sent for training in first aid every 2 years ...

but i wud not use scissors in the box they can turn dangerous.. not adviced..

and keep some safety pins too.. and officially no tablets shud be in first aid kit:)


The wild said...

good post Raksha ,although i dont have an exhaustive medical kit as suggested but i do maintain a mini version of ur medical kit.

Congratulations on your 100 th post ,you have come certainly come a long way ,its certainly worth reading your blogs..

Raksha Bhat said...

@Bikramjit: Yeah there are some rules,but again it depends on your necessities and the age groups in our homes,especially if there are children:)Thanks for the information:)

@The wild: Thank you:)

raji said...

Hey raksha ..good one..especially the 'first aid kit'.It's a must for anyone.I remember my Dad keeping this first aid kit long back during our childhood days ,of course there weren't tweezers/savlon though:)

The 'ICE' mention was credible.congrats on your 100 th post.

Raksha Bhat said...

@raji: Thank you can the modifications according to your necessities...every home should have one:)

first aid refill supplies said...

Always take necessary precautions before stepping into the scene of accident.Consider the safety of the situation.Live electric cables, fires, corrosives, handlers of weapons may be around.Inform the authority if you think there is an impending danger.