Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Not Just Lonely But Alone

Sometimes you have no choice but to stand beyond all the lasts...

A twilight so wonderful colored with the last light of violet and blue
When we had the time for every small feat that we together could do
You played the last note on your piano to let my heart with joys fill
I closed my eyes heaving a gleeful sigh,it blended with the tranquil

Melting clouds soon brought the last storm for us while flying pass
While in an earnest wait on the ground thirsty was our reed of grass
Pitter patter the last drop of rain fell not anywhere but on the roof
I looked around to find you all set to wander in the woods all aloof

Seeing you walk the last leaf on our tree drooped to wave goodbye
All that reached the land holding my feet were tears of my silent cry
I stand now at the last turn of a road where I saw you stroll and go
For you were my one friend the best who could never turn my foe

Waves of the past hit me over and again say O'cmon one last tide
And bring back those moments naive that took our world for a ride
Little did I know then that those were my fine days of one last smile
I wonder would you come now and take me along from this old isle

Come to me again,there are songs to sing and things together to do
Make me feel for a change that you were nothing but nice and true
Hold my hands,paint my dream a strength with your one last touch
What I wish and ask in all this life from you for me,is it too much?

Buried or bruised I shall stay quiet in the lightlessness not strange
Skies of hope will be my blanket and the lands of faith my grange
Remember every grain of sand beautiful once belonged to a stone
The last shore where you left me,I am not just lonely but alone.



Nidhi Kush said...

Beautiful poetry and excellently captured emotions!

Kaalicharan said...

Brilliant poem, enthralls the heart! :)

Sourav said...

Liked the words in bold, a prose in itself; they speak a story! Liked your post! :)

Raksha Bhat said...

@Nidhi Khush: Thank you Nidhi:)

@Kaalicharan: Glad you like it so much:)

@Sourav: You caught the highlight huh:)...glad to see you here Sourav:)...hamare is choti si blog mein char chand laggaye:)