Monday, February 7, 2011

Love-A Bare Necessity

Virtually it is going to be a love filled week from today.I vow that I am not going to rant here about the most sought after feeling.You will hear a lot about it for many days to come in every place else, but not here in this post.Nevertheless wishing a happy Valentine's to all those who have found love,a happier one to the ones seeking it.If you have not found it do not worry,go easy,everyone gets a fine share of it sooner or later in one form or the other.

I have been in love with this boy since my childhood Sunday mornings,the world calls him Mowgli.The song is from the movie Jungle Book written by Terry Gilkyson, this is one of my favorites simply because it is simple.I have been a lot busy of late preparing for and writing every exam possible.And when I was getting almost sure that my doomsday is getting closer [courtesy the kind of course I have got myself into!] I came across this long forgotten song at the right moment.

I was acting like the bee in this video before listening to the song,not anymore!I am going to work harder but merrier than the bee.I know my bare necessities will come to me one day.I will make sure that they will!

Complexities of our thoughts ruin our dreams and capabilities.The more we think about something,the harder it gets and makes us feel.When it comes to love,this is always true.Everybody yearns desperately for some.Love is in fact a bare necessity,spread it around and let everyone feel it.

Have you stopped and noticed the love that comes for free,something which does not require much effort from your side?Look around there is plenty!Fall in love with the people who make your life,the work that you do and the place that you live in.Fall in love with yourself,there is nothing like it.Go paint the town red!

May you find everything that you wish for,a joyous week to you all.



Bikramjit Singh Mann said...

You too have a great week ahead ...

and yeah pure love does come free :)


raji said...

Hm.. ONE MEANINGFUL POST!Cool ..that's how it should be ,especially in your pg preparation days at least!:)hey just kidding.As you said bare necessities are going to come to you..

AA said...

As the song goes, "Dil na diya, dil na liya toh bola na bolo kya kiya...aake duniya mein bhi agar pyar na kiya toh kya kiya??"

Mougli,huh? :) Lage raho!
Good luck!

Harish said...

Hmmm...Mowgli.... somewhere a bell rings.. ;) sorry, a sparrow sings..:)
But Mowgli is really thin when compared... hehehe...:)

Beyond Horizon said...

Hey...That s so right...complexities!!!

Best wishes...Love filled Life to you too :)

P.S. I love when my day starts with a meaningful post...made my Day :)

AA said...

Back to say that the Mary Elizabeth Frye quote/poem on top is wonderful....nice words..

Raksha Bhat said...

@Bikramjit: Thank you:)

@raji: Thank you...Hosa dp laikiddu:)

@AA: Smart boy:)...but this post is no way close to our wild chap...and that quote on my blog from today is here to of my favorites..glad you like it too:)

@Harish: Haha naughty sparrow!:)...keep singing until he gets to know about this discussion:)

@Beyond Horizon: I am so glad that it did:)Thank you Poonam:)

Dr. Pratibha Singh said...

you have been in love with mowgli so sweet,really.I also believe in falling in love with own self.