Thursday, February 10, 2011

Cupid Scores

It was never a love at first sight with him.He was detested by me for various explainable reasons.He was ugly,lonely,complicated and hard to please.The first time when my mother said “Raksha you can be friends with him,give this a try,there is no harm!” I stepped forward and shook hands with him hesitantly.This was during my first days of school and so our story had begun.We were in the 'Stage of Getting To Know'.

So I thought...

He had arrived in my life with an agenda like a devil in disguise who was more calculative than expected.I was forced to spend time with him everyday despite my protests.It was hard,really hard.But what hurt me was that the elders loved him completely and the world moved on his finger tips!

To make matters worse he was my favorite teacher’s pet!Argh!Whenever I wanted to play on the swing or the slide she would call me back and inquire about him.I would never answer.I hated knowing him.He did not play with me because his games were different.He used to hop in squares,run in circles and shout the weirdest numbers.It is because of him that I got my first punishment in third standard.I had to stand on the bench for an hour long period just because I had forgotten the way he played to proliferate his *applications.I was made to write all his stories on the blackboard,not just once but more  than a hundred times!This made me hate him more.I was almost sure by then that he was here to ruin my life.We were now in the 'Stage Of Repulsion'.

He considered himself a genius,I had to prove that I was not any less smart.So I decided to fight just by being with him and learning his tricks.His problems were never my cup of tea.I had to scratch my head,pull my hair and dig my brain to solve them.But I did not give up.I tried hard to know him.I toiled day and night.And one day my mission was accomplished,I had settled all my scores.I had known almost everything about him.My parents were happy that I had started liking him and this made me happier.

Over a period of time I was used to him.He had his strategies.He made me learn,he made me think fast.He made me look smarter than I was,sometimes even dumber than I thought.There were days when I ignored him but he had his ways of getting me back.He defined my weakness so also my strength.He taught me discipline.He taught me the right and the wrong.He taught me life.We were now in the 'Stage Of Attraction'.

We always had a difficult love hate relationship,he knew I would definitely leave him one day if someone gave me a choice.And when I got one,I did like he thought.I decided to run  away from him.He was too perfect and scary.I was the one with flaws.I could not handle him and so I decided to leave.I do not know how bad it made him feel.We were now in the 'Stage Of Fear & Giving Up'.

For years I was too occupied to miss him.He did appear here and there,remember I said no world can do without him.He is everybody’s essential.I have come to believe now that he is a paradigm by himself.He has taught me that life is not just about zero or one,there are endless possibilities.He was infinite.And I will always need him to survive.

He is in the millions of rays that brighten up my day,also in the millions of stars that light the sky of my night.He is in the symmetry of flower petals,also in the walls that make a bee hive.He is everywhere around me adding abilities,subtracting woes,dividing sorrows and multiplying joys.He has power,a great power.I have invariably started loving him but not halfheartedly like everyone else.I dare not make a foe out of him!We now have passed the 'Stage Of Realization'.

And just when I think that I have pushed him and his puzzles quite far by walking into the field of medicine[not that he was the reason]he creeps into my life now and then,when I am trying to read about what the electrolytes in the human body are up to; what concentration and velocities the enzymes are acting; what percentage of individuals in a test are false positives,true positives,false negatives and true negatives!Sigh!He whispers  in my thought bubble”You like it or not,I am going to stay with you for this life my darling!” with  the last laugh.All I do is smile in an agreement and write all that he has to say over and again because we have now finally reached the 'Stage Of Unconditional Acceptance'.

Little Raksha playing with numbers,
look how happy she was!   
Oh by the way world did I tell you this was all about 'ME and MATHEMATICS’.Did you see anything of him today? See this video if you missed sighting him around.You will fall in love with him,just like the way I did!


I know Maths is a weird subject to love but it is not impossible,I say this after some awful  experiences.Trust this quote;)

"If people do not believe that mathematics is simple,it is only because they do not realize how complicated life is"-John Louis von Neumann.

If Maths is Religion,Calvin is God!What he says is true about love too!No one can say how it happens.You either believe it or you don’t!

*multiplication tables-I never wished to cross 15 10 za 150!;)

This post is written as a part of Blogadda's Stages Of Love,do have a look at Preeti Shenoy's Life is What You Make It:)



Anonymous said...

Lol !! Very well written. ZAP it went..and - Maths :D

Deboshree said...

Lovely love story! May God bless you both. (and keep my future kids in your partner's good books for I-hate-Maths is something I would hate them to say) LOL. Great read!

Prateek Bagri said...

You cheated. Initially I thought it was for a boy but the somehow this boy turned out to be something which I equally hate Mathematics. Grr..

LOL. Post was good and from post it appears to be you're a science student. :D

Ugich Konitari said...

Wonderful post, Dr Raksha ! I kind of guessed half way through. Very well written. Best wishes for the contest !

Anup B Prakash said...

Uffff... I was relieved when I read it was Math!!!

Raksha Bhat said...

@tweedlethumb: That was the idea behind writing the post;)Thank you for visiting:)

@Deboshree:Haha!!!Will be glad if my future kids get to ride on Roshan's back too;)

@Prateek: So you fell for it;)Yes I am a science student,a 'doctor' precisely:)

@Ugich Ma'm:No wonder you guessed it:)You are one of the best when it comes to writing such pieces:)

@ABP: Look who is here...the 'ink' of this blog..the feather is happy...look at the sigh..relieved???...really???;)

Purba said...

The greatest love story of all - Raksha's love for numbers!!! And so wonderfully put, in stages. Loved it.

Raksha Bhat said...

@Purba: Haha not really,thanks for liking the post Purba Di:)

Beyond Horizon said...

Noooo...Maths was a nightmare to me...always use to shiver before that dreadful exams ;)

I totally loved your love...but will hesitate to love it as you do :)


Raksha Bhat said...

@Beyond Horizon: A Hi five in the name of Calvin:)

Sharad K said...

Apart from these confounding questions..It was a great read..!:)

Raksha Bhat said...

@Sharad K: Haha,you belong to the Anti Math Movement or something?:P...Yep it is Math...nobody or nothing else;)Thanks for visiting and reading Sharad:)

Raghavendra Mutt said...

Well written.. thought it might b a guy, but in th end.. Boom, MATHS..!!! :D

Pramod Sudarshan said...

Oh!!!wonderful view of maths!!
It helped me pass time in those boring lectures of 1st yr medicine too :)miss those 10 digit * 10 digit multiplications using vedic maths!!
I would sound repititive if i say "Very well written" again...but its absolutely true!!