Saturday, February 19, 2011

The Cup,Please!

Talks about cricket usually turns me dull and morbid for unknown reasons.Maybe it is due to my lack of insight and interest in the game.I know I should not be showing my displeasure towards our team and the sport,being an INDIAN I definitely want us to win!Everyone is eager to know whether we will hold the cup this time or not.Let us wait,watch and hope for the best!Since my rhymes sound pretty fair,here is my good luck poem for our team.Cricket or else,we Indians rock don’t we?‘Come-What-May-We-Are-Just-Us-FOREVER ‘ is our spirit.A cheers to that one!

A test of time to prove this land's mettle now has come
Millions here are wishing you luck just more than some
On the field in all mayhem are many milestones to cross
Let the shared dream of winning this cup go for no toss

Play the game well O' gentlemen and make us all proud
We will watch you all along and cheer from heart aloud
In the throngs of a stadium,living rooms and every gully
Hope no goof ups are made with your folly,silly or sully

Crazy about this sport is every man in the world thicket
Standing high on the pitch are our stars in every wicket
Bowl and bat,sweep a four,hit a six!‘But’ never get out
For you are one team only ours to flaunt and talk about

Live up to every broiling hype on print and the idiot box
Beware of the battlers not any less and pull up your socks
Show them the way back home with all your gallant guile
Pat your back and say this toil and sweat was worthwhile

The ones who can make it is you,our idols great in light
Centuries and ducks all will roll through while you fight
So keep the score boards ticking always,happy in count
Rest aside,we are with you catching a faith in surmount

Write these turning days of triumph in pages of history
If you strive and deserve not any far is a desired victory
Fate shall not be a mighty umpire when you are around
Make glory on the crease,bring all magic to the ground!

Happy world cup match watching to you people,fingers and toes crossed;-)  


Anonymous said...

nice poem... must have inspired sehwag today :)

keep on blogging...
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Dibakar Sarkar said...

"Make glory on the crease,bring all magic to the ground!"

~ really beautiful...

The wild said...

it lacks the sizzle it had of yester years for some reason ,but nonetheless cricket is fun to watch anyday and it aint a crime not to know the game :)

Raksha Bhat said...

@rrajiv: Haha...wait for the next matches;)Thank you for stopping by:)

@Dibarkar Sarkar: How have you been?Its been pretty long I heard from you here:)Thank you Dibarkar for liking the lines:)

@The wild: Yeah but I haven't tried understanding the technicalities of the game!I will never!:P

Arpana said...

nice lyric about the game of ball!

Anonymous said...

nice poem.. keep blogging :)

Pratibha The Talent said...

very inspiring poem for the Indian cricket team.hey Raksha I tagged you in my recent post .just check it now.

Raksha Bhat said...

@Arpana: Thank you Arpana:)

@sayedkhadri: I will!Thank you:)

@Pratibha The Talent: Thank you,I will check your tag some time soon:)